The rules of The Central  Libraries


1-The  user write their name in a  daily record of the Central  Library

2-Be calm and no smoking.

3-No one eat inside the Central Library.

4-No borrowing is done without  the user's identity of the Central Library

5-No new identity is made  for anyone unless all the borrowed booked is returned to this library.

6-The User will be  fined about (5000)dinars if he  lost his/her identity.

7-The professors  can borrow five books for three weeks.

8-The higher studies students  can borrow books for two weeks.

 9-The University employee can borrow books  for others.

 10-The students can 't have his/her certificate till he/she has acquittance  form the library

11-Peridioicals are used inside the library.

12-Usethe  scientific sources carefully and keep  during borrowing.




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